Sunday, November 23, 2008

I got a new calling!

So after we missed a few weeks of church due to house sitting down in Provo, we made it back to church today. And wouldn't you know it right after Sacrament Meeting Jake Camp (ward executive secretary) made a b-line for Ricky and I. I've come to learn that it is never a good thing for Jake to make a b-line for you. The smart thing to do is run and run fast. haha. No I'm kidding, we all love Jake, he keeps the ward organized ;) Well anyways he asked if we could meet with a member of the Bishopric right then. We said sure and went and met with Brother Clegg. Ricky came in with me like a good husband supporting his wife. I figured a calling was coming, and yep Bob extended me the calling of being on the Enrichment Committee. Of course I immediately said yes. I love being in Enrichment, and one of my really good friends and Visiting teacher Lindsey is the Enrichment leader, so heck ya I'll be on the committee. So we were finishing up and Bob asked Ricky if he had a calling yet. Extremely hesitant to answer Ricky quietly said no. and so of course Bob said they'd have to work on that one right away. Haha, as we were leaving Ricky said "That's what I get for being a supportive spouse? See if that happens again."

All in fun as always. Can I just tell you guys I truly did marry an amazing man. Regardless of what calling he gets he will do it and do it to the best of his abilities. He isn't always comfortable getting involved, but once he gets to know people he truly does amazing things.

I went and saw Twilight last night with some girlfriends. (Jodie if your reading this don't be mad!! I'll still go see it with you when you get back home) I know it seems to be getting mixed responses, but for what it's worth it was a good movie, and I'll probably end up going to see it again tomorrow night with Maria and in a few weeks with Jodie. But anyways I heard people last night coming out of the theater complaining that they don't have an "Edward". Well I can happily report that I've got someone BETTER than an "Edward". He makes me laugh harder than any man ever has (I have to specify man, because Katie and Heather make me laugh just as hard as he does) He is so supportive with what ever I want or need to do. He never raises his voice in anger. He always helps me calm down and rationally think things through. He deals with my mood swings like a pro (I'm not saying I have horrible mood swings, just the normal ones). He loves me unconditionally and takes time to just sit on the couch and cuddle with me after work. He's my best friend and I'm eternally grateful to have him in my life.

Ok that's enough of that mushiness. Anyways life is good here in Utah. I miss all you guys that are living away, but I'll see all the family in December, and can't wait to see little Ella and get to see E and B and A. Should we just start calling them A BEE for the grandkids? Dang I'm so smart!!! I amaze myself.


Lish & Ricky