Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New toy

Thank you Rachelle for leaving this puppet.....I'm afraid it'll be a while before Josh will let me give it back.

Love, Lish & Ricky

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Garden

 This is my little garden.  It wasn't much this year but I gave it a shot.  I have dill, basil, sage, salsa peppers, and squash that grew this year.  The tomatoes and bell peppers got planted to late.  I did lettuce too but already harvested and ate was good. 

These are the first two crooked neck squash that we harvested.  We cut them up and sauteed them for Labor Day in a concoction that Heather came up with it consisted of Lemon Juice, Olive Oil, Basil (from the garden), garlic salt and pepper.  It was oh so yummy!

I'm glad I did the garden, next year I'll be more on the ball and get it started sooner!   FYI I LOVE my raised garden bed....I haven't had to pull weeds in this once this year! 

Love, Lish & Ricky


So Maria had the great idea to start a Co-Ed Softball team with our friends and family.  I've been too much of a slacker to blog about the games but luckily we have our AMAZING team mom Suzie who diligently blogs about our games every week (it may be because her husband plays with us ha) so I've attached links so you can see pictures and some great shots of Josh who she kindly watches for us during the games.  

Game 2   Game 3  Game 4

We are slowly getting better and Ricky has been sweet enough and patient enough to practice with me so that I can get better at throwing and not be such an embarrassment to the team ;) 

Love, Lish & Ricky