Saturday, December 26, 2009

Baby # 1 To be delivered Next June

Yes now don't you all go and is true. Ricky and I are expecting our first little one approximately June 28th, 2010. My Nana's Birthday, so if he/she came that day how happy would she be. haha But I'm feeling great. 13 weeks down. I haven't had any real sickness (other then the good old cold's that keep going around which I seem much more susceptible to now then ever before) The only side effects seem to be tiredness and especially at night....I love my husband dearly, but when he comes into bed at 11:30 at night (after I've been asleep since 9:30) I CANNOT be held responsible for my actions....NEVER WAKE A SLEEPING PREGNANT WOMAN!! That's all I can say about that. ha

The clothes are starting to fit tighter. (Thank you Heather for your generous donation to my maternity wardrobe. They will and do come in handy)But over all we feel this baby is a HUGE blessing in our lives and feel that the mild discomforts I've had thus far is in a small way Heavenly Father blessing me for being so patient all these years for children to be entrusted into my care.

We really couldn't be happier about this baby. I guess this means I'll have to be better about updating the to just get my camera fixed so we can take pictures!


Lish & Ricky

Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

so today is my dad's birthday....just wanted to post a little note to tell him how much we love him! Hope you had a great day....sorry the Energy Bill passed....I'm sure that's not the best birthday present you ever had! But it was fun talking to you about it. Miss you!!!


Lish & Ricky

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Rambling

Not a ton going on today, but I do have some good things to report. First two weeks ago we were asked to say the prayers in Sacrament Meeting. For those that know me know it's not a big deal for me to have to talk or pray in public, for those that know Ricky probably know that panic struck immediately. He cracks me up, first thing he said was "Why do you hate me? Are you trying to kill me?" Then last Saturday Jake called and said they were going to push back the prayer a week as there was a mission farewell. I told Ricky and he said "Good I get to live for another week."

So this morning came and I kid you not, for some odd reason when he got out of bed he totally started getting light headed, broke out in a sweat and couldn't stand for any length of time. I totally thought he was just trying to get out of saying the prayer. So he laid in bed for a bit. But I couldn't believe how nervous he felt. But he got ready and we went to church. Poor guy had to sit through the entire Sacrament meeting before he said the closing prayer. His hands were so clammy and he was SWEATING! But he did a great job! I love my husband.

After Sacrament Meeting we were asked to meet with the Bishop. Ricky again started panicking thinking he was getting a calling. But the Bishop was just checking in with us about our Sealing and what still needed to be done. So we will be putting in the paperwork within the next month or so hopefully for the First Presidency to approve the Sealing Cancellation and that way everything will be in order for our Sealing in August. YAY for that!

So those that need to plan for time off to travel up for the Sealing, we are planning it for August 22nd which is a Saturday. Please keep us in your prayers that the cancellation gets approved in time.


Lish & Ricky

Monday, February 2, 2009

8 Things about yours truly

1) Post rules on your blog
2) Answer the 6 categories
3) Tag others

8 Favorite T.V. Shows: (in no particular order)
1) 24
2) Heroes
3) Chuck
4) Lost
5) Pysch
6) Monk
7) The Office
8) Cities of the Underworld

8 Things I did Yesterday/what a wonderful life I lead
1) Woke Ricky up.
2) Took a shower
3) Woke Ricky up again.
4) Got ready for church
5) Ironed Ricky's Clothes for church
6) Went to Church
7) Played Zelda till 1 in the morning
8) Fixed dinner

8 Things I look Forward To
1) Seeing family in May for Meg's Wedding
2) Getting debt paid off
3) Having kids
4) Hanging out with Ricky tonight
5) Playing Zelda tonight
6) Having all work stuff organized
7) Being Sealed to Ricky in the fall
8) Eating lunch

8 Favorite Restaurants
1) Red Robin
2) Olive Garden
2) Cafe Rio
3) Bajio
4) Chili's
5) Apple Bees
6) Rumbi's
8) Beto's

8 Things on My Wishlist
1) Summer to be here
2) Starting our family
3) Debt paid off
4) New clothes
5) RockBand 2
6) See my Sisters more
7) Never get wrinkles
8) More time with Ricky

8 People I Tag
1) Melanie Y
2) Jennifer J
3) Carolee B
4) Kristen C
5) Kristen B
6) Leslie T
7) Lindsey S
8) Karin C


Lish & Ricky

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Hubby!!!

So technically I'm 2 hours early, but tomorrow is Ricky's 25th Birthday!! I'm so excited for him to be 25 cuz honestly saying my husband is 25 and I'm 29 doesn't sound so bad. ha ha. I thought I'd give you just a few reasons why I love this man.

1) He is amazing when I'm having a bad day to cheer me up, even if his day was way worse.

2) He tries so hard to be a good husband, and it makes me want to try even harder to be a good wife.

3) He puts up with my hormonal birth control induced mood swings.

4) He is so adorable around all the nieces and nephews. He's going to make a wonderful father one day.

5) He is one of the smartest men I know. If he doesn't know what he is doing he'll keep at it until he does.

6) He is the world's BEST Snuggler. Don't tell him I told you guys this but his nickname is snuggle monster. My favorite is when he doesn't say anything, he just nudges me with his head to let me know he wants his head scratched. The best is when him and Kiki are fighting over my lap and they both do the nudge to be scratched.

7) He tells me he loves me often throughout the day, and I love saying it back.

8) He does the dishes and sweeps the floor, two of the things I hate to do most.

9) He laughs at almost everything. He loves to laugh.

10) and Finally. I love him because he agreed to marry me and love me forever. No matter what I do I know that he is always by my side and I'm by his. We are truly partners in everything we do. I love knowing I can go to him with a question and he will give my an honest answer..not just the answer I want to hear. He knows how to help me rationalize my usually irrational thoughts and emotions. I am the luckiest ever.

Happy Birthday Babe!!! Hope you enjoy your day!!



Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Catch up

Ok sorry for taking so long, but life has been exhausting. Thanksgiving was nice and quiet and then the first of the December came and it feels like I haven't stopped running. As of Dec 1st I moved out to our American Fork Clinic full time and started working with them to become an independent PT clinic from the rest of Intermountain. It has been an amazing and challenging experience. I've been working pretty much 8-6 at the office most days and then coming home and working more. We've been re-doing most of the paperwork and processes to get ready for Jan 1. I'm glad to say we've got the clinic set up and going strong. There are still some bugs to work out but we are having such a great time figuring it all out. It feels so good to be apart of this clinic. I've always wanted to feel more ownership in a clinic and not just being a gopher or gal friday type. I definitely feel a great fit with this office.

So in between all of this we managed to squeeze in a trip to California to see Heather's new baby Ella Rebekah and spend Christmas with the family. I'm sorry I don't have pictures I finally found my connector cord, but now I lost my camera. I know I'm so scatterbrained and Ricky laughs at me all the time because I can be so forgetful. But anyways....Cali was nice and relaxing. Ella is perfect, Armanie is a riot and Blake and Ethan love to play with their new Uncle Ricky so much!!! We had a great time at Sean's playing Boys against Girls RockBand 2. And I'll just through it out there. GIRLS KICKED THE GUYS BUTTS!!! Sean and Michael thought they would show off and play expert. We girls new what to do and played it safe on Medium and Hard, it paid off and we won. haha. But it was so nice to hang out with the Sibs, it had been too long and I love that my Husband gets along so well with everyone in the Family. But who wouldn't get along with Ricky ;)

Well that's all I have to report for now. When I find my camera again I'll post some pictures.


Lish & Ricky