Sunday, January 24, 2010

Food Storage Month one

I got this from my boss at work and thought I'd share it each month.

It's a new year and a new opportunity to prepare your home with a one-year supply of food for only about $5.00 a week for two people! If you've always wanted to get your food storage under control, then this is a great way to do this over time and in a very simple manner. Each month we will be printing the weekly purchases.

  • Week 1: 2 cans tuna fish, 2 containers salt, 1 lb yeast
  • Week 2: 5 boxes macaroni and cheese, 4 cans tomato soup
  • Week 3: 3 cans mushroom soup, 2 1/2 lbs peanut butter
  • Week 4: 1 bottle vitamins

Each week take $5.00 and then buy the specified item for that week. Remember that some weeks will not use all of the $5.00 and some weeks will use more then $5.00. Plan to set aside $5.00 each week regardless. There are also a few weeks you will have nothing to buy, but set aside the money for those weeks as well. by the end of the 52 weeks you will have 700 lbs of wheat, 240 lbs of sugar, 40 lbs of powdered milk, 13 lbs of salt, 10 lbs of honey, 5 lbs of peanut butter, 45 cans of tomato soup, 32 cans of mushroom soup, 15 cans of tuna fish, 10 boxes of macaroni and cheese, 500 aspirin, 730 multiple vitamins, 6 lbs of dried yeast and 6 lbs of shortening. This should sustain 2 people for 1 year.

* I personally substituted spaghetti for the macaroni and cheese since ricky prefers that over mac and cheese, and I'll do flour instead of wheat since I don't have a grinder and don't really know how to use wheat. Yes I know I need to be better about those things.

But there you go Katie :)


Lish & Ricky

Baby Name Help

Okay here's the deal. I've been wanting to discuss baby names with Ricky from the day we found out we were expecting. But he never felt the need to discuss it till we knew what we were having. I've still been thinking up names but I'm completely stumped when it comes to boy names, I've got a few ideas for girls, although my number one pick for a girl, PIPER, has been completely and totally shot down by Ricky. So I'm asking you guys for suggestions, what are some of your favorite boy and girl names? I feel like I need to start a list either way, and then next Monday as long as the baby is being cooperative we'll know which list to continue with. So please suggest away!!


Lish & Ricky

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Ricky

Another birthday has come and gone for my sweet husband! He turned 26 on Friday. Ricky is not a big fan of celebrating his birthday, but he puts up with my desire to celebrate it so I didn't do anything huge this year, no party, no cake, no real celebration.

We did go out to eat which we don't do too often anymore since we are saving for the baby. My sister in law was telling me how Texas Roadhouse was really good and we should go there. So I called ahead at 5:50 to get added to the call ahead list, they told us the wait would be 110 minutes so we got down to the restaurant at 7:50 figuring they would be behind a bit. Holy cow the place was packed and I don't think the hostesses knew what they were doing all that much because they flat out forgot about us and 40 minutes later, after me going up to the stand twice to double check the wait, each time telling me it would only be 5-10 minutes tops did they finally seat us and give us a free appetizer. After about 20 minutes of waiting to be seated Ricky just wanted to go, but I was being a stubborn pregnant woman who wanted it to be a nice dinner out. Just once I want something I plan to go the right way, is that too much to ask? Okay I digress. We got seated and ordered but I've gotta be honest, I wasn't that impressed. I'm pretty sure I could make a steak and ribs just as good if not better then they did. The parking was horrible the restaurant was way too loud and overall not the best. Don't think we'll be going there ever again. Sorry honey!!

But I love you more then you will know (although I'm pretty sure you'll never read this). You have been such a huge support to me and I love you for that. I can't wait to watch you be a daddy to this little bean. I'm so excited to enter this new phase in our lives and watch you get to be a kid all over again with our children. They really will have the best dad any kid could hope for! Thank you for putting up with my craziness, my emotional break downs and my incessant questions even when they drive you nuts :)


Lish & Ricky

Belly Pictures!!!

Here you go Mom and Dad and the rest of the fam :) As you can see I am showing a bit, but not a ton yet.

Some things I'm experiencing for better or worse lately:

I may or may not have felt the baby move, or rather poke me. I haven't felt it since (it was a week ago) but I'm sure it is just the beginnings of what will be a poking war between Ricky and the little bean.

I eat smaller meals every 2 hours or so. Ricky thinks it's funny how I can take a couple bits and be full then STARVING an hour or two later.

I'm not a fan of needing to go to the bathroom more....but this is mainly because after I go it feels like my uterus has sunk down and squished whatever is below it and it's hard to stand up straight for a minute or so. (Sorry it's my blog I'm writing what I want. haha)

I've been working on laying on my sides more, but this is just awkward, one night I moved from my left side to the right and I swear it felt like the baby reached out grabbed my uterus and was like "nope you aren't laying that way I don't like it", so I had to move back to my left side and all was well again.

My ligaments are shifting for sure, the other night my hip was hurting so bad I couldn't lay on my left side because it was just throbbing, it was probably because I ran around all day shopping and things and over did it.

I've got my energy back for the most part, so my house is slowly coming back into shape which is good, because it really was looking like a war zone....ask anyone who's dared to venture over haha.

I think that is about it...still no stretch marks, no recent overwhelming urges although I am enormously grateful to In N Out for putting in a place 1 mile from my work and directly on my way home. This child will learn to love it from the womb. haha

I do need to give a huge thank you to my neighbors and friends, they have really out done themselves with their kindness and generosity. At this point we have our crib, changing table/dresser/hutch (which is still in Cali until one of my wonderful family or friends can bring it up to me), rocking chair, car seat, stroller, pack n play, tub, and if this bean turns out to be a girl we'll have the crib bedding and 3 boxes full of clothes, all so kindly given to us by our friends. We are so so grateful to you guys you can't even imagine, you have saved us so much!!!


Lish & Ricky

Monday, January 4, 2010

Monthly Update

Went to see the midwives today and happy to report that all is well with our little jumping bean (who isn't a bean really anymore more like a softball but we like to call it the little bean). The bean is right on track and so am I. I weighed in last month at 126.8 lbs and this month I'm 127 lbs. So haven't gained much at all but I'm good with that. I'd rather gain the weight more toward the end if I've gotta gain. I just feel gaining it now means I'm pigging out way more then I should. I do eat more then I used to but it's more just smaller meals more often. So far I've been craving milk...first 12 weeks couldn't get enough of it drank it almost as much as water...Also mint chocolate chip ice cream...which reminds me I'm out of that better go stock up tomorrow....I like pickles but don't crave them just like them...

The other day I had a ridiculous craving for Taco Bell. I haven't liked Taco Bell much over the last 10 years but it was overwhelming the need for a Taco Supreme. So I went and waited in the ridiculous line at the Taco Bell drive through and the guy who was at the window made me laugh because he saw my last name and told me he was from Hermosillo Mexico and all about how awesome the place was and how cool it was that that was my last name. I've never had a craving that bad but it was completely satisfied which felt wonderful!

My next appointment is on February 1st. We'll find out what this little one is then. We are so excited to find out. I hope this month goes by quickly.

I also decided that I'm going to have a baby shower in California on March 27th. So if you are going to be in Cali and would like to attend make sure to email me your address so I can get you an invitation. I'd love to see you since I don't get home much anymore, and when I do I never get time to see everyone.

I think this wraps up what's going on lately with the little one. I have had lots of gurgling lately, but no concrete baby movements...way excited for that day to come too. :)


Lish & Ricky