Sunday, January 24, 2010

Baby Name Help

Okay here's the deal. I've been wanting to discuss baby names with Ricky from the day we found out we were expecting. But he never felt the need to discuss it till we knew what we were having. I've still been thinking up names but I'm completely stumped when it comes to boy names, I've got a few ideas for girls, although my number one pick for a girl, PIPER, has been completely and totally shot down by Ricky. So I'm asking you guys for suggestions, what are some of your favorite boy and girl names? I feel like I need to start a list either way, and then next Monday as long as the baby is being cooperative we'll know which list to continue with. So please suggest away!!


Lish & Ricky


Chantelle said...

My favorite boy name (which Pete has shot down for us) is Braxton. I feel your struggle... boy names are always the hardest for us to decide on. has a great list - good place to start :)

Good luck cutie!

The A Team said...

Sorry I'm no help. Not that you would use our names but they aren't really traditional :)