Saturday, July 24, 2010

Newborn Pictures

Andrea came over a few weeks back and took some newborn pictures of Josh and our family pictures....these are a few from Josh's session.

Love, Lish & Ricky

New toy

Our friend Rachelle watched Josh this week when I went back to work.  Josh love this floor mat so much, and Rachelle has been kind enough to let us borrow it as her daughter is too big to use it now.

Love, Lish & Ricky

Friday, July 16, 2010

Mom and Heather's Visit

Mom and Heather were kind enough to come and stay with us for a week to help me out.  Heather spent all week doing the laundry I do for work and Mom spent many hours entertaining Ella and Josh.  Here are just a few snap shots of Ella and a funny video just for you Heather.

Ella spent most of the week trying to "swing" Josh in his swing....which means she tried to make him fall out of it. ha  and kept trying to teach Josh the ways of the feet....every time we were in the car she'd have her foot hanging over her carseat and into his trying to get her toes in his mouth....luckily I was in the back seat with them to stop the "sharing".

Love, Lish & Ricky

Chillin with Dad

Ricky loves to come home and chill with Josh.  Ricky will play his video games and Josh will intently sleep or stare up at Ricky.  I love my boys!!!!

Josh trying to watch dad play Zelda.

Love, Lish & Ricky

4th of July

This year since the 4th fell on a Sunday we went to Maria's new place on Saturday night and had a BBQ and watch the Stadium of Fire Fireworks from the comfort of our couches on the balcony!  It was lots of fun.  and my Mom and Heather and Ella got into town that afternoon so they joined us.

This is the boys putting together Ria's BBQ

Love, Lish & Ricky

Visiting guests

Grandma and Grandpa Ackley paid us a visit.  They couldn't get enough of Josh.  He is their first great grand child.

Love, Lish & Ricky

First church outting

The week after Josh was born our good friends Andrea and Collan blessed their baby girl Jane.  So we attended their ward and afterwards had a luncheon at a nearby park.  Jane is one of Josh's future play buddies. Poor guy all my friends have had girls so he's gonna have them to play with.

Funny thing....right as this last picture was being taken josh peed through his diaper and clothes and onto the blanket....good thing not on Jane's dress.....gotta love having a boy...he seems to pee out his diaper easily.

Love, Lish, Ricky & Josh

Thursday, July 15, 2010

His Namesake

This is who we named our Josh after.  Ricky's best friend Josh....fittingly wearing their favorite drink

Love, Lish, Ricky & Josh

First pictures

Here are just a few pictures we took just after Josh was born

His first bath....He's still not a fan of baths.
And he's done with having is picture taken.

Love, Lish, Ricky & Josh

Delivery Day

I finally found my camera cord so here goes with the mass posts

These are a few shots from me during labor

The nurse in this first picture was using the portable fetal monitor to monitor Josh during contractions.  It was great not being hooked up to the monitors the entire time.

I'm glad Ricky was enjoying himself. ;)  Seriously he was amazingly helpful through out the whole processes  he was doing counter-pressure techniques with every contraction to combat the back labor.

Love, Lish, Ricky & Josh

Last Pregnancy Shot

This was me the Thursday before Josh was born.  Andrea was nice enough to come out to the house to cut my hair and ended up helping Rachelle and I with some reorganizing fun :)

Love, Lish, Ricky and Josh