Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Ricky

Another birthday has come and gone for my sweet husband! He turned 26 on Friday. Ricky is not a big fan of celebrating his birthday, but he puts up with my desire to celebrate it so I didn't do anything huge this year, no party, no cake, no real celebration.

We did go out to eat which we don't do too often anymore since we are saving for the baby. My sister in law was telling me how Texas Roadhouse was really good and we should go there. So I called ahead at 5:50 to get added to the call ahead list, they told us the wait would be 110 minutes so we got down to the restaurant at 7:50 figuring they would be behind a bit. Holy cow the place was packed and I don't think the hostesses knew what they were doing all that much because they flat out forgot about us and 40 minutes later, after me going up to the stand twice to double check the wait, each time telling me it would only be 5-10 minutes tops did they finally seat us and give us a free appetizer. After about 20 minutes of waiting to be seated Ricky just wanted to go, but I was being a stubborn pregnant woman who wanted it to be a nice dinner out. Just once I want something I plan to go the right way, is that too much to ask? Okay I digress. We got seated and ordered but I've gotta be honest, I wasn't that impressed. I'm pretty sure I could make a steak and ribs just as good if not better then they did. The parking was horrible the restaurant was way too loud and overall not the best. Don't think we'll be going there ever again. Sorry honey!!

But I love you more then you will know (although I'm pretty sure you'll never read this). You have been such a huge support to me and I love you for that. I can't wait to watch you be a daddy to this little bean. I'm so excited to enter this new phase in our lives and watch you get to be a kid all over again with our children. They really will have the best dad any kid could hope for! Thank you for putting up with my craziness, my emotional break downs and my incessant questions even when they drive you nuts :)


Lish & Ricky

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Lindsay and Mike said...

Happy b-day Ricky! I'm sorry your experience at Texas Roadhouse wasn't a good one. I love that place! Your belly pics are seriously cute! Way to go little mama!