Sunday, January 17, 2010

Belly Pictures!!!

Here you go Mom and Dad and the rest of the fam :) As you can see I am showing a bit, but not a ton yet.

Some things I'm experiencing for better or worse lately:

I may or may not have felt the baby move, or rather poke me. I haven't felt it since (it was a week ago) but I'm sure it is just the beginnings of what will be a poking war between Ricky and the little bean.

I eat smaller meals every 2 hours or so. Ricky thinks it's funny how I can take a couple bits and be full then STARVING an hour or two later.

I'm not a fan of needing to go to the bathroom more....but this is mainly because after I go it feels like my uterus has sunk down and squished whatever is below it and it's hard to stand up straight for a minute or so. (Sorry it's my blog I'm writing what I want. haha)

I've been working on laying on my sides more, but this is just awkward, one night I moved from my left side to the right and I swear it felt like the baby reached out grabbed my uterus and was like "nope you aren't laying that way I don't like it", so I had to move back to my left side and all was well again.

My ligaments are shifting for sure, the other night my hip was hurting so bad I couldn't lay on my left side because it was just throbbing, it was probably because I ran around all day shopping and things and over did it.

I've got my energy back for the most part, so my house is slowly coming back into shape which is good, because it really was looking like a war zone....ask anyone who's dared to venture over haha.

I think that is about it...still no stretch marks, no recent overwhelming urges although I am enormously grateful to In N Out for putting in a place 1 mile from my work and directly on my way home. This child will learn to love it from the womb. haha

I do need to give a huge thank you to my neighbors and friends, they have really out done themselves with their kindness and generosity. At this point we have our crib, changing table/dresser/hutch (which is still in Cali until one of my wonderful family or friends can bring it up to me), rocking chair, car seat, stroller, pack n play, tub, and if this bean turns out to be a girl we'll have the crib bedding and 3 boxes full of clothes, all so kindly given to us by our friends. We are so so grateful to you guys you can't even imagine, you have saved us so much!!!


Lish & Ricky


Jennifer said...

Love the belly pictures! Keep them coming, so cute!

Mrs. R said...

Love the pictures! You look so cute!