Monday, January 4, 2010

Monthly Update

Went to see the midwives today and happy to report that all is well with our little jumping bean (who isn't a bean really anymore more like a softball but we like to call it the little bean). The bean is right on track and so am I. I weighed in last month at 126.8 lbs and this month I'm 127 lbs. So haven't gained much at all but I'm good with that. I'd rather gain the weight more toward the end if I've gotta gain. I just feel gaining it now means I'm pigging out way more then I should. I do eat more then I used to but it's more just smaller meals more often. So far I've been craving milk...first 12 weeks couldn't get enough of it drank it almost as much as water...Also mint chocolate chip ice cream...which reminds me I'm out of that better go stock up tomorrow....I like pickles but don't crave them just like them...

The other day I had a ridiculous craving for Taco Bell. I haven't liked Taco Bell much over the last 10 years but it was overwhelming the need for a Taco Supreme. So I went and waited in the ridiculous line at the Taco Bell drive through and the guy who was at the window made me laugh because he saw my last name and told me he was from Hermosillo Mexico and all about how awesome the place was and how cool it was that that was my last name. I've never had a craving that bad but it was completely satisfied which felt wonderful!

My next appointment is on February 1st. We'll find out what this little one is then. We are so excited to find out. I hope this month goes by quickly.

I also decided that I'm going to have a baby shower in California on March 27th. So if you are going to be in Cali and would like to attend make sure to email me your address so I can get you an invitation. I'd love to see you since I don't get home much anymore, and when I do I never get time to see everyone.

I think this wraps up what's going on lately with the little one. I have had lots of gurgling lately, but no concrete baby movements...way excited for that day to come too. :)


Lish & Ricky


Melanie said...

I am glad you is fun to hear what is happening. It is fun to feel the baby move for the first time, I think I felt it before I really knew what is was. I am still drinking TONS of milk, we go through it really fast!

katie said...

its katie (pratt). I found your blog, congrats, so excited for you. Babies are so much fun. i'm excited to keep up with your cute family. hey, i was looking at your facebook page and noticed you are friends with my brother-in-laws girlfriend, small world... her name is angelica ??? AHHH can't remember her last name. Hope your doing well. EAT ALL THE TACO BELL YOU WANT!!!!