Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Catch up

Ok sorry for taking so long, but life has been exhausting. Thanksgiving was nice and quiet and then the first of the December came and it feels like I haven't stopped running. As of Dec 1st I moved out to our American Fork Clinic full time and started working with them to become an independent PT clinic from the rest of Intermountain. It has been an amazing and challenging experience. I've been working pretty much 8-6 at the office most days and then coming home and working more. We've been re-doing most of the paperwork and processes to get ready for Jan 1. I'm glad to say we've got the clinic set up and going strong. There are still some bugs to work out but we are having such a great time figuring it all out. It feels so good to be apart of this clinic. I've always wanted to feel more ownership in a clinic and not just being a gopher or gal friday type. I definitely feel a great fit with this office.

So in between all of this we managed to squeeze in a trip to California to see Heather's new baby Ella Rebekah and spend Christmas with the family. I'm sorry I don't have pictures I finally found my connector cord, but now I lost my camera. I know I'm so scatterbrained and Ricky laughs at me all the time because I can be so forgetful. But anyways....Cali was nice and relaxing. Ella is perfect, Armanie is a riot and Blake and Ethan love to play with their new Uncle Ricky so much!!! We had a great time at Sean's playing Boys against Girls RockBand 2. And I'll just through it out there. GIRLS KICKED THE GUYS BUTTS!!! Sean and Michael thought they would show off and play expert. We girls new what to do and played it safe on Medium and Hard, it paid off and we won. haha. But it was so nice to hang out with the Sibs, it had been too long and I love that my Husband gets along so well with everyone in the Family. But who wouldn't get along with Ricky ;)

Well that's all I have to report for now. When I find my camera again I'll post some pictures.


Lish & Ricky


Heather said...

I have my own bloggy blog now. mhecase.blogspot.com...smoochies!

Carolee said...

I was wondering where you were. They better be paying you extra for working extra hard:)

Call me when you have a second.