Saturday, July 19, 2008

A little Help!!

Okay so Maria and I went around today looking at fabric and I'm getting rather sad about the cost of things. I know weddings aren't cheap, but Ricky and I really are on a tight budget for this shindig we are putting together. We were looking today for white tablecloths and black table runners. We could rent the table clothes but when the tables themselves are only costing us 6.25 a piece it seems like highway robbery to pay 8.50 a piece for the table cloth. So I'm going to go the cheap route and ask any and all of you if you have any white round table clothes approx 70 inches that you would be willing to let me borrow. Even my California friends. My mom will be coming up with my sister and she could bring them. I know I'm tacky and cheap for even asking, but if you find it in your heart to allow us to use them I would greatly appreciate it. We need 12 of them.

Other news we've got the tables and chairs reserved, the flowers figured out, the chocolate fountains located and my dress paid for and figured out which Tux Ricky wants to wear. Oh and engagement pictures are done, wedding invitations all ready to be printed and then assembled Monday night. They should go out to everyone in the next week and a half.


Lish & Ricky

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Kelsi said...

Congrats! I am so excited for you guys!It looks like the wedding will be picture perfect! I would love to help! I think you might be able to borrow the round table cloths from a church. You should see if Bill can get them. Or ask around in your ward! Good luck! Are you having a shower? I would love to come! Keep in touch! Love, Kelsi