Monday, February 1, 2010

It's a boy!!


Sorry it's a longer video, watch what you want of it, I could watch it all day! He is a strong healthy little boy. He is weighing in at 9 oz, everything is looking great and normal. He is fidgety, which I'm starting to feel, but was very cooperative. I'll post the other video we have as soon as it uploads. I'm just amazed at how clear it all came through. We were able to see his legs and toes and hands and fingers and nose and he even has a little chubby belly! Love him to pieces already!!

As for me everything was looking good I've gained 4lbs in the last month so a total of 5 lbs. The placenta is looking a little low and back in my uterus, not blocking the cervix at all but still a little lower then they would like so next month they'll do another ultrasound to make sure that it has moved back more so it won't be a problem during deliver. They also said I have a fibrosis growing in my uterus, but said it was fairly normal and not very big so it's not anything to worry about, but they will monitor it since it can grow along with the baby and just make me feel bigger then what I would be with out it. And after the baby is born if it doesn't go away on its own I can have it removed.

So there you go! We are so happy and excited to be having this little boy join our family! Now we've got to decide on a name and theme for the bedroom and all the other fun boy stuff! Can't wait!


Lish & Ricky

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