Sunday, April 18, 2010

Our Lil Guy's rag quilt

 As many of you know I'm not crafty domestic.  I'm more of a cooking domestic person.  Where or why I got it in my head that I could make my baby's bedding I have no idea!  But I did and my sweet friend Jenny got me the material to do a rag quilt as the baby's quilt for his crib.  Jenny swears that rag quilts are fun and super easy!  Jenny you and I need to talk ha.  You must have the swing gene like my sister Katie does.  Jenny's mom made the fitted sheet (thank you for that Susan, bunching and elastic scare me!) but anyways after the last week of cutting out material and batting I made some definite progress on the quilt.  Here is everything laid out and pinned now I'm just working on sewing the x's on the square and sewing them together....I'm not a fan of sewing machines, the thread keeps coming un done, the tension seems to be screwed up and I swear I have to unpick a square 2 or 3 times before I get it right!  good thing I've still got 10 weeks before this baby gets here.....I might just have it done by then! and to think I still need to do a bumper and dust ruffle.....he doesn't really need a dust ruffle does he?


Lish & Ricky


Jennifer said...

Oh, my goodness, I never pinned a rag quilt! Rag quilts don't need to look perfect, that is why I like them. Anyway, it looks way cute! The cutting is long and not so great, but I do enjoy sewing them, (when the machine works with me). Great job Lish!

Lindsay and Mike said...

Nah, he doesn't need a dust ruffle...that's one of the pluses to having a boy! Great job on the quilt! It looks great!!!