Thursday, October 7, 2010

Trip to West Virginia

The day after Josh's blessing we received word that my sweet amazing grandfather passed away.  So that following Friday, Katie Heather and I made the trip back to West Virginia for the funeral.  We took a red eye out from SLC, to NYC then from NYC to Pittsburgh.  It was a long trip, but the kids all did great!  Josh slept through the whole trip for the most part.

 4 generations

Cousin Megs

Josh's favorite spot was on the front porch swing watching the neighborhood.

It was so great to be back home at Nana's with all the family together.  You never realize how much you miss people till you see them again.  Mom got to have her all her kids together to help say "see you later" to Pop.  The services were so sweet.  My Pop was such a strong and giving man who influenced many lives in his little neck of the woods.  After the services we gathered at the ward building to share fun and sweet memories of Pop. I loved it.  For a much better tribute  click here.

Love, Lish & Ricky

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