Monday, June 23, 2008

Bride's maids outfit

I'm thinking this top (or something similar since this one is $56) with a red chunky bead necklace, black pencil skirt and red high heels.

For the guys we are thinking black pants, white shirt, red tie and black flip flops....I like the girls to be classier then the guys. haha.


Lish & Ricky


Lindsay & Mike said...

How fun! I love both the top & the invite! Good job! What's the wedding date again?

Jennifer said...

I think the outfits our great! Too bad I'll be 35 weeks pregnant and can't be there, I would have loved to wear this, it sounds HOT! I think the guys sound great too except for the flip flop thing. (If you wanted opinions)?

The Pitcher Family said...

Those tops are way cute and the invite is beautiful.