Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Found Heather's Top for the wedding

Since my baby sister is going to be well into her pregnancy by the time the wedding comes we decided to get her a white Maternity top. My friend Laura and I went shopping today and we found this top. I think it will go perfectly. We also found the Banana Republic tops on sale for only 36.99. Way better then the $56 orignially!!! We also found the red necklaces to go with the outfits, so I would say that was a productive day of shopping!!


Lish & Ricky


Katie, Locke, & Lil' A said...

I love it!! I've been trying to find a top like that FOR EVERRRR!!!
I'm so excited sister!!

Jennifer said...


Head Case said...

i really like it alot lish thanks

Head Case said...

hey lish where is this shirt from again cause I can't find it online now.