Friday, October 24, 2008

7 Random facts about me.

I was tagged for my FIRST!!! blog tag. Thanks Mrs. R. I'm not that creative ever so I'll just work on this as they come to me ;)

The rules: link your tagger and list these rules on your blog. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog. Here goes:

1. I cry at t.v. and movies way too easily. I cry at pretty much every series finale. Growing Pains balled, Cosby show balled, 90210 balled, Friends balled for at least 2 days every time I thought about it. PS I Love You I seriously soaked Ricky's shirt, he thought I was crazy, it was uncontrollable sobs red swollen eyes and runny nose that wouldn't stop. It was an AWESOME movie.

2. I'm OCD about stupid stuff like having my DVD's arranged alphabetically, and I separate out the Disney/Kid movies from the other movies. I love to alphabetize or put things in chronological order and file. It drives me nuts to have charts at work not in proper order. But I'm the messiest person in pretty much every other aspect of my life.

3. I have to sleep with the fan on or during the winter when it is too cold I have a white noise machine. I can't sleep in silence. But I do love being bundled up in my blanket and have the cold fan blowing on my face. I have Carolee Biehn to blame for this habit. She had a fan at a sleep over once and I've had one ever since. Good thing Ricky has the same habit as I do :)

4. One of my best friends I've had since I was 1 1/2. Her mom and my mom were best friends and we've been friends ever since. So we've been friends for 29 years, and usually don't go more than a week or so without talking. We've been there for almost every major event in our lives, and I don't see this friendship ending anytime soon. :)

5. I can't start a game of spider solitaire, free cell or regular solitaire and leave it until I win a game. It's stupid I know but I have to beat at least one game before I can walk away from it. I would never be good in Vegas, cuz I would lose tons of money because of this habit. I can't leave a nickle or penny slot until I've won either.

6. I love to have dinner parties. I love to be mothering and taking care of people. I hate to the stress of putting it all together, but I love having everyone over. I'm getting pretty good and managing my time to have everything ready in time without having half the meal cold. I just with I had a bigger kitchen and two ovens :) I love to cook and love kitchen gadgets, they over run my kitchen. I guess that's why I sell Pampered Chef :)

7. I love Star Wars. I can watch any of the 6 movies at any given time. When I was little I wanted to be Leia and I always thought Luke was so good looking (what was I thinking!) I have bought the Lego Star Wars video games and I really really really want the Lego Millennium Falcon. 3,000 pieces!!! What is better than Star Wars and Legos? I'm lucky though because I married a Star Wars geek who actually listens to the audio books on tape, He's even got me listening to them too. (don't laugh they are good!!) We even record the new Star Wars Clone Wars cartoon and watch it every Friday night. It's our cheap date night!

Okay that is all for this quiz, you all knew I was a nerd, but you probably have a new found appreciation for my nerdiness. There are lots more things I could probably think of but that's all you get for now. I'm going to tag Katie A, Jenny J, Lindsay S, Ashley P, Melissa P, Heather C, Melanie Y.


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Melanie said...

Now those were 7 things I had no idea about you! Awesome! I will try to think of 7 things..that might be tricky!