Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Okay stop nagging me about not updating already. There just isn't a whole lot to update with. Life is good we are good. Just been busy with work and spending time with each other. I started back with Pampered Chef last week and had a great show with Ricky's Mom, Jennifer. It was great to be back into the swing of things. I love doing my Pampered Chef shows, making food and chatting things up with great people, so if anyone is interested in hosting a show let me know. No better way to earn fun free things for your kitchen.

Okay now I'm off that plug. Ricky and I are in the process of re-financing the house to finalize all of my past life once and for all. Things are going pretty smoothly. My credit survived the divorce nicely which I was pleasantly pleased about. We are just waiting on the appraisal to be done, so please keep us in your prayers that all goes well and we come through this whole economic mess on the plus side.

Ricky has been working really hard at work. And coming home exhausted. I'm trying to be the good wife with meals and keeping house. It's great to be a wife! I absolutely love my husband and can't believe how much he makes me laugh everyday. (side note just now he got excited about his video game, knocked over his cup of water all over some of my Pampered Chef paperwork and tried really hard to get it cleaned up before I got upstairs to see what the shrieking was all about...typical night in our house. haha) I'm going to have to child proof my house before we ever have kids, All the breakable things are getting put up higher. ;)

But I have to tell you I really am married to the best guy in the world. Sunday we got home from church and I made us some lunch, then I fell asleep on the couch to take a little nap, while I was napping he cleaned up the entire kitchen. The little things he does everyday makes me smile and I am so grateful to have him in my life.

Well that is about all. Okay Love you all and I'll work more on keeping you posted.


Lish & Ricky


Chantellebr said...

Yeah for a happy marriage! You're such a cutie and you make me smile. Thanks for letting me be nosey into your life.

Head Case said...

Finally! Thanks for posting! I'm glad your happy Fish!!

Jennifer's Days said...

It is nice to know that he is still thoughtful.

Thanks doing the Pampered Chef party it was fun.

Love you two.

The A Team said...

I miss you and I really love all of our husbands!! Ricky's in my top 2!

Jennifer said...

I'm glad to hear all is well and that your husband is treating you wonderfully! I'll try to call you when I get a real chance to talk. Love ya!