Monday, October 27, 2008

My Man!!

What is his name? Ricardo "Ricky" Ackley Hermosillo
How long did you date? Started dating Feb 2008 got engaged July 2008 and married August 2008, fast enough for ya?
How old is he? 24
Who eats more? Definitely Ricky. He can eat a whole pound of pasta by himself.
Who said "I Love You" first? Ricky, totally freaked me out we'd only been dating a week.
Who is taller? Ricky, 6'0 Lish 5'3
Who sings better? Ricky, but you won't hear it often
Who is smarter? We are both smart, but Ricky figures things out quicker than I do.
Who does the laundry? He dirties it I wash it. Went from 3 loads a week being single to 10 with him.
Who pays the bills? We both pay our own for now, but we share the wealth. (haha there is no wealth)
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Which way is it? when you are at the foot of the bed looking at it or laying in bed? it really changes every night I have a very active sleeper in my bed. Where ever I move he tends to find me and snuggles up.
Who mows the lawn? I used to, but now he does.
Who cooks dinner? I do. Ricky knows how to make cereal, oatmeal and boil pasta. that's about it. ;)
Who drives? We share
Who is more stubborn? We both are, but Ricky is much more easy going than I am.
Who kissed who first? It was a mutual attraction, don't know exactly who kissed who it was a joint effort.
Who asked who out first? Um actually Maria asked me out for Ricky, haha Blind date, but them I totally pursued and kept inviting him to do things with our group.
Who proposed? He did an amazing job with the proposal (Thanks Ria, Andrea, Jen, Angelica, Melissa for actually prepping everything and giving Ricky the ideas haha) If you want to see it go to previous posts for July 2008 :)
Who is more sensitive? Me all the way.
Who has more siblings? Technically me with 3 siblings (2 of 4) Ricky is 1 of 3,
Who wears the pants? Depends on the situation, but mainly Ricky.


Lish & Ricky


Queen Goob said...

I love this list o'things. Was it forwarded or did you make it up?

And yeah, that was FAST! (marriage.)

Mrs. R tagged me as well so it looks as if I better get busy trying to find interesting facts about myself. This could take WEEKS!

Jennifer said...

I'd rather do this one as my tag. Will see if I get around to doing either one.

Lish said...

Thanks queen. I stole this list from my sister. Don't know where she got it, but I thought it was fun!

Poor Jenny! You won't get a moments rest for at least the next 20 or 30 years :( I think as soon as the twins are old enough to be left we should plan a Girls Weekend. :)

Leslie said...

Hey Lish! So good to know you are closeby. I know we will get a chance to visit on future visits...and you know there will be a lot of future visits now that the "wee one" is here.

I'm having so much fun holding her. So sweet!

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